La Vie Est Belle – What`s your fragrance?

ImageLa Vie Est Belle – Lancôme

 I`ve always loved perfumes, and I think I got that from my mom who`s been the main contributor to my perfume collection over the last 10 years. What I love so much about perfume is that it`s able to tell you something about the person wearing it. Their personality, their age, the mood they want to convey and so on. It`s the perfect accessory!

I`ve always been careful of what kind of perfume I use in different contexts. On a summer`s day I might use a light, fresh fragrance, but during on a winter night out with friends, I`ll probably use something more heavy with a hint of sweetness but still fresh. As I mentioned, my mom has been the one who`s given me all these perfumes, either for christmas, birthdays or just as a surprise. Therefore, I do have a lot of perfume bottles hidden in my bathroom cabinet, though I`d preferred if they were on a nice shelf, because many of the bottles are simly gorgeous that they`d make beautiful bathroom decorations!

These are a few of my favourite fragrances, all various types of perfume for different kind of use;

ImageL’Eau de Chloe – Chloe


Ralph – Ralph Lauren

ImageRed Jeans – Versace

ImageRicci Ricci by Nina Ricci

ImageBody by Burberry


What`s your favourite fragrances? and how do you prefer it? Sweet, citrusy, heavy, flowery, light, fresh?


Budget friendly Christmas Decorations


I rarely use any money on christmas decorations, as we`re often away at Christmas. However, I do have a tiny collection of random decorations that I put up every December to make our apartment christmassy. Most precious to me is the the Advent Star, the Advent calendar and Santa as they are things that I`ve had since I was a young child, and bring back so many cherished memories.



The rest of my decorations I`ve bought at several budget-friendly stores. The children figures was about 8$ total, and the red angels about 6$.



Last year, I even made a decoration from some old silver garland and aluminum foil, which turned out pretty great and didn`t cost me anything!


What do you do to keep Christmas decorations budget friendly?