Where are you Spring? & Sunday Link

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I didn´t have time to post anything yesterday, which is why Sunday Link is filling in for Saturday Link today:-)  Yesterday I spent the entire day in the woods by a bonfire, grilling hot dogs and drinking some wine (so classy) with a bunch of people, which eventually turned into an After-Bonfire when the sun had set… I´m a bit tired today, but I had such a great time yesterday and met loads of nice people. This week was my Easter Break, but I did manage to write almost 4 pages on my Bachelor Thesis before taking some time off studying. I wrote about how I called of my Gym membership, shared a delicious Lemon and Chocolate Cupcake recipe with you and about typical Norwegian Easter Traditions.  Spring still seems so far away, and I`m already dreaming of summer, hence the picture! How will this end? …continue reading

Norwegian Easter Traditions


Norway is a Christian nation, so Easter is an important holiday for us, as nearly everyone has time off from Thursday to Monday. It`s a time to visit family and friends. This Easter BF and I are visiting his family,  and I felt like sharing some of Norway`s typical Easter traditions, and as you`ll probably see, we Norwegians love our Easter break. They`re not exactly religious traditions, but it`s what makes Easter, Easter.  And if you wonder, God Påske means Happy Easter.

1. Going skiing in the mountains
One of the most popular activities during Easter is going to a cabin in the mountains and go skiing.

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2. Eating Kvikk Lunsj, the Norwegian version of KitKat – This is the ultimate hiking chocolate. Whenever Norwegians goes hiking, skiing, or just spend time outside, this is the chocolate we prefer. Since 1937!

sjokolade …continue reading

Easterlicious Lemon & Chocolate Cupcakes

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Easter is right around the corner, so I thought I´d share this easterlicious lemon buttercream cupcake recipe with you. If you remember the Double Trouble Chocolate Cupcakes, you`ll see that it´s the same basic recipe, only this time I`ve made it with a fresh, citrus frosting based on lemon curd. In Norway, yellow is the traditional colour of Easter, signifying brighter times are coming after a long winter. That`s why I found it suitable to make these delicious cupcakes into an Easter treat! …continue reading

No More Gym Expenses



I want to take care of my body and my health, but I don`t want to waste money.  I`ve been scrutinizing my monthly budget to see where I could make more cuts, like I did with my cellphone plan, and from April 1st I´m cutting down on the gym expenses. I`ve experienced that exercise helps with the fibromyalgia, giving me more energy, and lessening the pain, which is probably why I have been so hesitant with quitting the gym.  I`ve been going to this relatively cheap gym for a year or so, but ever since August when I started Uni with an extra classload to finish up my BA faster, there really hasn`t been time enough to exercise.  But quitting the gym, doesn`t mean I have to stop exercising. …continue reading

Yearning for Spring & Saturday Link

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It`s been Winter for almost 6 months now, so I`m in desperate need of Spring. I`ve been looking through old photos, and found this wonderful spring picture taken in Dublin a couple of years ago.

So… This week I started with writing about how you can save food by using what you`ve got, and then I shared a personal story with all of you, about my battle with Fibromyalgia, which I honestly, was a bit afraid of sharing. But after receiving such a great response, I`m no longer in doubt. I did the right thing. The support and encouragement I`ve gotten, it`s just so amazing.  …continue reading