Goodbye Norway

I’m currently at the airport, waiting at the gate. Still a bit weird to think that I’m leaving the cold North for a sunny Spain, or to be specific; the Canary Islands; situated 150k from the African west coast. I used a couple of dollars yesterday, to rent a DVD on iTunes. So this flight I’ll be watching Snow white and the Huntsman. It’ll probably be worth it. It’s nice to be able to block out the noise on the plane for a while!

wow! Coincidence! At this very moment I’m noticing a couple of Spanish guys that were in my English Lit. course this semester. Seems like they were all Canarians! Weird!

I have to admit. I had a weak money moment! Originally, my plan was not use any more money than necessary. However! I bought two books! Harriet Stowe ‘s “Uncle Tom’s cabin” and James Joyce’s “Dubliners”. What can I say. I’m a total English lit. geek! And to my defence, they cost me a total of 15$. Which I think is a very budget friendly price to pay for classics I’ve been wanting to read for ages!

Do`s and Don`ts when Traveling by Airplane

I`ve travelled a lot in my life and been on many international flights, so I thought I`d share a couple of do`s and don`ts  for when you`re in the air.

  • Do dress comfortably. That long flight won’t feel very comfortable if you`re sitting there cramped in your seat on the airplane in supertight jeans and a tank top, with nothing on your feet but your fake louboutin 4 inch heels. The moment the aircondition is turned on you`ll be wanting that warm sweather and comfy shoes.
  • Don`t dress inappropriately. Wearing a miniskirt and/or a top with a lot of cleavage is a big risk. You don`t know who you`ll be sitting next to! Do you really want to encourage that smelly, creepy guy sitting next to you, who won`t stop talking?
  • Do bring a good book that you find interesting.
  • Don`t try to appear highly educated by reading Tolstoy when you`d rather be reading chick-lit. Even college professors in English literature watch Project Runway and ANTM.
  • Do bring your own snack, as long as it`s allowed to bring on the flight.
  • Don`t waste money on buying overpriced items at the airport /or on the plane, when you could`ve bought it cheap at the grocery store last week. Do you really want to pay 8$ for tiny bag of Skittles when you could`ve paid 1$?
  • Do tell the mom/dad of the kid behind you who is kicking your seat, or pulling your hair; “Stop that right NOW!” A please is optional.
  • Don`t be sympathetic and think “they`re just children”. This is how they learn to behave on airplanes, when their mom and dad are unable to show them how.
  • Do step aside when you`ve found your seat when entering the airplane.
  • Don’t stop and make everyone wait because you can’t move your ass one step to the side. I promise you, they`ll mumble swear words.