Do`s and Don`ts when Traveling by Airplane

I`ve travelled a lot in my life and been on many international flights, so I thought I`d share a couple of do`s and don`ts  for when you`re in the air.

  • Do dress comfortably. That long flight won’t feel very comfortable if you`re sitting there cramped in your seat on the airplane in supertight jeans and a tank top, with nothing on your feet but your fake louboutin 4 inch heels. The moment the aircondition is turned on you`ll be wanting that warm sweather and comfy shoes.
  • Don`t dress inappropriately. Wearing a miniskirt and/or a top with a lot of cleavage is a big risk. You don`t know who you`ll be sitting next to! Do you really want to encourage that smelly, creepy guy sitting next to you, who won`t stop talking?
  • Do bring a good book that you find interesting.
  • Don`t try to appear highly educated by reading Tolstoy when you`d rather be reading chick-lit. Even college professors in English literature watch Project Runway and ANTM.
  • Do bring your own snack, as long as it`s allowed to bring on the flight.
  • Don`t waste money on buying overpriced items at the airport /or on the plane, when you could`ve bought it cheap at the grocery store last week. Do you really want to pay 8$ for tiny bag of Skittles when you could`ve paid 1$?
  • Do tell the mom/dad of the kid behind you who is kicking your seat, or pulling your hair; “Stop that right NOW!” A please is optional.
  • Don`t be sympathetic and think “they`re just children”. This is how they learn to behave on airplanes, when their mom and dad are unable to show them how.
  • Do step aside when you`ve found your seat when entering the airplane.
  • Don’t stop and make everyone wait because you can’t move your ass one step to the side. I promise you, they`ll mumble swear words.

12 thoughts on “Do`s and Don`ts when Traveling by Airplane

  1. The more I travel the more I hate flying. Do have plenty of battery on your phone and laptop to entertain yourself and call your family in case of a delay. Do bring a little moisturizing cream and toothbrush on long flights, the dry air doesn’t help your skin and it can get uncomfortable. Do bring small size creams or they will be confiscated 🙂

    • I love the feeling of flying; being on the way to a new adventure, a new place to discover, or just on my way home to see family. though airplanes arent my favourite place to be. at least when I fly economy.
      Good ideas! Think I need to make a what to bring in your cabin luggage post! oh yes, the small size containers are important thing to remember!

    • thanks! Yes, me too. Though I always have to consider my hydrating habits after who I`m sitting next to. If it`s a really old lady who sleeps the entire time, it won`t be easy to get out to go to the toilet! I love sitting at the window seat!!

    • Yay! Someone else than me agrees about the “dress-code”! Me too! layers are very important! I`m flying from cold winter Norway to Sunny Summer Spanish Island tomorrow, so I`m having a real issue on how to dress! Oh yes, the moisturizer is important! my hands gets often really dry because of the air.

    • you`re very welcome! So nice to hear that my tips can be at use:-) I`m planning on writing a post about how to pack your cabin luggage and what to bring on holiday during the next week, so if you`re interested, check in another time to keep updated! Mexico sounds cool! Hope you`ll have a great time!

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