Goodbye crappy old PC, Hello Macbook Pro

When my mom asked what I wanted for christmas, I told her the only thing I really wanted and needed was a contribution for saving up for a new computer, as my old one was dying a slow and annoying death by deleting my files and constantly showing me its blue screens of death. She knew I`d always wanted a Macbook, but I didn`t mention it because it had never been something that I could afford. I was thinking about one of those cheap computers that lasts 2 years, tops. But one day she had one of those funny smiles on her face, when she has some good news she wants to share. And that`s when she told me she wanted to give me a Macbook, seeing I needed something more solid for my schoolwork.

I`m just so happy for this incredible gift, and I`m definetely going to make the most of it, and it`ll hopefully last for many years! Have to say it`s a relief not having to worry if mandatory essays suddenly goes missing, or losing some research because the computer says adieu. I`m already feeling much more inspired to write my bachelor thesis. Though ask me again about that in a couple of months when I`m all swamped with schoolworks and obligatory essays.

ImageThat`s right, been watching some Downton Abbey. Ever seen it? It`s superb!

Waiting for the Subway

I’m back! I know I’ve been away for a couple of weeks, but once my exam was finished, Christmas had arrived. So instead of fussing about and writing random posts, I decided to have myself a merry little Christmas. But fear not! The blog was not forgotten. I brought my camera with me and took a lot of pictures that I’m going to share with you. I also have a delicious chocolate cupcake recipe to share! At this very moment I’m on the subway, on the way home, with my second new MacBook pro in the last 24 hours… I’ll tell you all about it later.