No More Gym Expenses



I want to take care of my body and my health, but I don`t want to waste money.  I`ve been scrutinizing my monthly budget to see where I could make more cuts, like I did with my cellphone plan, and from April 1st I´m cutting down on the gym expenses. I`ve experienced that exercise helps with the fibromyalgia, giving me more energy, and lessening the pain, which is probably why I have been so hesitant with quitting the gym.  I`ve been going to this relatively cheap gym for a year or so, but ever since August when I started Uni with an extra classload to finish up my BA faster, there really hasn`t been time enough to exercise.  But quitting the gym, doesn`t mean I have to stop exercising. …continue reading

I Battle Fibromyalgia, What`s Your Superpower?


I´ve been going back and forth on whether or not to write about this particular matter, because it`s such a big part of who I am, but at the same time I really don´t want it to be. Then I thought, what if, what if there is somebody out there going through the exact same thing as me? And what if by writing this, it could somehow help. So here we go.

4 years ago, 20 year old me was sick with the flu. What I didn`t know then, was that the flu was actually mono (infectious mononucleosis), which in turn caused my fibromyalgia. After the “flu” wore off, I never really recuperated. You could generally find me either sleeping in bed, or sleeping on the couch. Some days my body would ache so much that I didn´t know what to do, and some days I felt like I had just run a marathon. My energy was gone. No matter how much I slept and rested, it didn’t help at all. My body simply shut down.

At that time I was studying Elementary Education, but I soon discovered that school was definitely off limit. Just walking to the grocery store and back again, felt like a mountain hike! Being around a lot of people was exhausting; all that talking and laughing, not to mention the partying,I despised it all. Why were all these people so damn happy and cheerful all the time? And how dared they be so healthy and normal? …continue reading

The Time Thieves

Sometimes things just get in the way of what you thought you`d be doing. I realised the other day that I hadn`t posted anything on my blog for over a month, which made me wonder where did all the time go, and last but not least, how I spent all that time. I figured that there were at least three time consuming things that had been taking up my time more than usual.

  1.  University. A new semester, which included 4 different courses: Victorian literature; Language Acquisition; Morphology and Syntax and Bachelor thesis in Literature. So far I`ve been doing just fine on all the reading, and I can assure you, there`s a lot of pages to be read. Taking an extra course can feel a bit heavy on the workload sometimes, but I managed to do it last semester with good results, so I`m just trying to focus on how close I am to finish my BA. Just 4 months to go! Though I have to admit that it`s difficult to get time to read one novel a week. Especially when it´s written in the 19th century. Brontë and Dickens are wonderful writers, but very time-consuming. Image
  2. Fibromyalgia. Four years ago I got this time consuming, energy draining chronic  illness. I guess it had been lying underneath the surface for a while, as several of the symptoms were well known from my childhood, but a case of Mononucleosis caused it to appear and make life very difficult for a long time. One of the things making this condition worse is weather change, and January and February so far has been a difficult time period so far. One day it`s really, really cold outside, the next it`s raining outside. Not only is it difficult to dress to this kind of weather, but it also makes my body ache and really drains all the energy out of me. So having to combine this with extensive studies with mandatory attendance has been difficult. And a bit depressing at times. But I decided not to let it get to me. Because it`s going to get better. I know it will. In the meantime;Image
  3. TV-Shows. I`ve just recently discovered some new TV shows that doesn’t air on Norwegian TV, so I`ve been watching several seasons online. My latest discovery is Switched at Birth. Loving the whole deaf-angle. I mean this in a very positive way, because I really love linguistics and would love to learn sign language one day! The other show is an American “classic”; Sopranos. My BF got the entire season collection for Christmas, and we`re currently on the last season. Mafioso!Image

What are your time-thieves?