A Fisherman`s Village

I`ll guess most of you will never visit Norway, but let me show you a couple of photos from my ancestors place; Lofoten…



ImageImageIf you want to view more breathtaking photos, than just google Lofoten, Norway, and I can promise you a scenery you`ll never forget!

Baby, it`s cold outside

During cold winter days I love to get home from Uni and snuggle under a blanket while enjoying a hot cup of tea. One of my favourites is Peach Passion by London Fruit and Herb Company. It`s the only brand I`ve ever come across that actually manages to produce excellent fruit tea, with both good taste and smell. And I wouldn`t refuse something nice to nibble on as well, such as homemade sweet buns split in half with swiss cheese. Yums! Image


Budget Friendly winter Activity; Cross country skiing


There`s a saying in my country; “Norwegians are born with skis on their feet”, and although not everyone is a good skier, I think I can say that most of us own a pair of skis. From we`re small children we learn to ski, and most elementary schools organize yearly ski-days. It`s also a really popular family activity; especially going to cabins in the mountains from January-march, to go skiing. It`s something that everyone can learn quite quickly, and it`s both fun and easy!


If you`re looking for a budget friendly winter activity that you can enjoy alone, with friends or with family, cross country skiing is something I can really recommend. If you have a dog, I`ll bet it`ll happily join you in the ski-slopes! It does cost a little to get the equipment, but once you`ve got it; it can last for many, many years. You can get skis and poles cheaper by buying the equipment off-season, or buy it used.  And here`s the best part. When you`ve got it, it doesn’t cost you anything to use it. As long as you`ve got a suitable area for skiing you`re good to go. It`s also a very good way to exercise during winter!


Pack a backpack with a thermos full of hot chocolate and a camera, and go explore wonderful nature scenes.


What kind of winter activities do you do?

Have you tried cross country skiing?

Brace yourself, Winter is coming

Woke up to find a not so nice weather outside. Not that it’s a big deal, as I’ll be stuck inside all day, studying for my phonetic & phonology exam. And if you’re wondering about the title, yes; I’m a very big game of thrones fan! Though, I never thought I would be, until my BF persuaded me to watch a couple of episodes and that was it. Now I can’t wait for season 3. Show me an intriguing story with a great backdrop, and I’m sold.

I’d like to apologize beforehand for the horrible picture, but it’s taken from the inside, because I’m not stepping outside today!