Happy Monday

And then the weekend was over and monday is a fact! I hope everyone had a great weekend and that you don`t have too much of the Monday blues. I know Mondays can come as a shock sometimes, especially after those weekends filled with activites from sunrise to sunset. My weekend was one of those.

I came home from my winter break on Thursday evening, and was met by BF on the train station, who surprised me with having invited our friends over for dinner the next day. I love having dinner parties, especially casual ones, so of course I was up to it. So on Friday I went grocery shopping, and then spent the remaining day before the dinner, baking portion bread (we were all out), tortillas for dinner and delish Chocolate Cupcakes for dessert. We had tacos for dinner. A super easy and yummy dinner that`s perfect for a casual evening with friends! And they loved it!

On Saturday I had to get up way to early than what I´m used to, as we were heading over to my BF`s sister. She and her man are selling their apartment and building a house of their own, so they needed some help to paint the apartment so it`d look good for future buyers. And that`s all that happened really. I painted, and painted and then painted some more for about 6 hours.. I was pretty tired of white paint by the end of the day. But hey, 6 people did manage to paint an entire 2-bedroom apartment on one day!!

When I woke up on Sunday, I was supposed to spend the day inside, studying. But just one look out of the window, and Change of Plans! It was such a beautiful day, so we hopped on the subway and went walking for hours downtown, and I had brought my camera with, so I went all touristy and took pictures of everything! Such as our beautiful Royal Palace! Royal Palace

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special?

La Vie Est Belle – What`s your fragrance?

ImageLa Vie Est Belle – Lancôme

 I`ve always loved perfumes, and I think I got that from my mom who`s been the main contributor to my perfume collection over the last 10 years. What I love so much about perfume is that it`s able to tell you something about the person wearing it. Their personality, their age, the mood they want to convey and so on. It`s the perfect accessory!

I`ve always been careful of what kind of perfume I use in different contexts. On a summer`s day I might use a light, fresh fragrance, but during on a winter night out with friends, I`ll probably use something more heavy with a hint of sweetness but still fresh. As I mentioned, my mom has been the one who`s given me all these perfumes, either for christmas, birthdays or just as a surprise. Therefore, I do have a lot of perfume bottles hidden in my bathroom cabinet, though I`d preferred if they were on a nice shelf, because many of the bottles are simly gorgeous that they`d make beautiful bathroom decorations!

These are a few of my favourite fragrances, all various types of perfume for different kind of use;

ImageL’Eau de Chloe – Chloe


Ralph – Ralph Lauren

ImageRed Jeans – Versace

ImageRicci Ricci by Nina Ricci

ImageBody by Burberry


What`s your favourite fragrances? and how do you prefer it? Sweet, citrusy, heavy, flowery, light, fresh?

Hello world!

After a lot of time considering whether or not if I should start blogging, I finally came to the decision that, yes, I would give it a try. I have a lot of free time this summer which I presume is one of the reasons why I`ve created this blog. I`ve had all these ideas about what I would blog about if I ever had one, so hopefully I`ll be able to take those ideas out of my head and write them down and share them with all of you!

Now then, I guess I should start saying something about what I`m all about and what this blog hopefully will contain. I`d like to think that the name Blonde on Budget should really say it all– i.e. I`m a blonde who is trying to live more carefully financially speaking, as I`m a fulltime student and simply don`t have that much money to spend. which is why I want to share my thoughts, ideas and experiences on life without a million dollars in the bank.

See you soon!

– The Blonde on Budget