The Great Norwegian Adventure

Ever since ¼ of the Norwegian population immigrated to the US, in search of the American Dream, there`s been traces of Norwegian culture in the US. The Norwegian-Americans created these “Norwegian”-towns, with Norwegian food, traditions, and churches and even newspapers.

Today, there aren’t much left of this old Norwegian-American culture, but there are still old communities that have kept their traditions alive from their ancestors. There`s a town called Poulsbo, Washington, which is filled with Viking helmets, flags, Nisser and paintings of fjords. In Brooklyn, NY, you can find a shop filled with Norwegian food items, which also serves Norwegian meals, and when you open the door a smell of Norwegian waffles lingers in the air.


Understandably, many descendants from Norway are interested in knowing about their roots, but what you might not know is that we here in Norway are just as interested in this culture as well. Considering the amount of people who left this country of ours, and how there´s not more than about 5 million people in Norway, and there is an equal amount of N-A descendants, I guess you can understand that the saying “everyone has a relative in America” is not an understatement!

A couple of years ago, this new reality show was broadcasted on Norwegian television; called the Great Norwegian Adventure. Or “Alt for Norge” as well call it. (Literally means, everything for Norway).  It’s a competition where Norwegian-Americans compete about Norwegian culture, both traditional and modern, in order to win $50K and meet their Norwegian relatives. The show is quite hilarious, especially when you consider that most of the Norwegian traditions these people know about are up to 150-200 old, and well, let`s just say that Norway has changed since the 1850s!

So I really wanted to show you guys some highlights of the show (and relax, it`s all in English, except for a short intro in Norwegian). This clip shows a contestant who learns where her family was from, and then it turns out that her ancestor was the inspiration for one of Norway`s traditional dresses, a Bunad! (This is a MAJOR thing in Norway)

In Today`s world, we emigrate and immigrate, move here and move there, cross continents and what not`s. So if you come from a diverse background, I`d love to hear about it!  Do you know where your  ancestors were from? Have you kept any special traditions?


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Go for a Walk – it won`t cost you a dime!


It was such a beautiful weather today! A couple degrees above freezing point, not a cloud on the sky and a warm, bright sun. My mom and I then decided to grasp the opportunity, and together with the dogs, we went for a long walk in the woods. I brought my camera along so I`d be able to take some snapshots. And it made me think. Why don´t I do this more often? I might not have a dog to walk at home, but that shouldn`t stop me, should it? Because it really is the perfect and most frugal activity I can think of.

  1. You get fresh air
  2. You get some exercise and improve your health
  3. If you`re in need of some alone time you can go by yourself
  4. It can be a social activity. Call up a friend, or make it into a date with your loved one.
  5. If you got children, take them with you, and make a day of it. Bring some snacks and beverage, and you`re good to go.
  6. You can go walking in the woods, by the ocean, or if you live in a big city, why not take a stroll in the park?
  7. Bring a camera.  Take silly shadow pictures, or try capturing your dog in motion. Make some memories!
  8. If you got a dog, make sure to bring a treat. They`ll love it! 😉
  9. It won´t cost you anything!
  10. It`s fun to experience nature

IMG_3637 IMG_3641 IMG_3631

What kind of activites do you do? Do you have any frugal ones?

A Fisherman`s Village

I`ll guess most of you will never visit Norway, but let me show you a couple of photos from my ancestors place; Lofoten…



ImageImageIf you want to view more breathtaking photos, than just google Lofoten, Norway, and I can promise you a scenery you`ll never forget!

Fairytale Lighting

ImageA couple of weeks ago I noticed this special light on the sky, so I ran outside with my camera trying to capture this fairytale lighting. Notice the light post; for me it has this Narnia feeling about it. Beautiful scenic nature has always been a good source for my imagination.

Budget Friendly winter Activity; Cross country skiing


There`s a saying in my country; “Norwegians are born with skis on their feet”, and although not everyone is a good skier, I think I can say that most of us own a pair of skis. From we`re small children we learn to ski, and most elementary schools organize yearly ski-days. It`s also a really popular family activity; especially going to cabins in the mountains from January-march, to go skiing. It`s something that everyone can learn quite quickly, and it`s both fun and easy!


If you`re looking for a budget friendly winter activity that you can enjoy alone, with friends or with family, cross country skiing is something I can really recommend. If you have a dog, I`ll bet it`ll happily join you in the ski-slopes! It does cost a little to get the equipment, but once you`ve got it; it can last for many, many years. You can get skis and poles cheaper by buying the equipment off-season, or buy it used.  And here`s the best part. When you`ve got it, it doesn’t cost you anything to use it. As long as you`ve got a suitable area for skiing you`re good to go. It`s also a very good way to exercise during winter!


Pack a backpack with a thermos full of hot chocolate and a camera, and go explore wonderful nature scenes.


What kind of winter activities do you do?

Have you tried cross country skiing?