La Vie Est Belle – What`s your fragrance?

ImageLa Vie Est Belle – Lancôme

 I`ve always loved perfumes, and I think I got that from my mom who`s been the main contributor to my perfume collection over the last 10 years. What I love so much about perfume is that it`s able to tell you something about the person wearing it. Their personality, their age, the mood they want to convey and so on. It`s the perfect accessory!

I`ve always been careful of what kind of perfume I use in different contexts. On a summer`s day I might use a light, fresh fragrance, but during on a winter night out with friends, I`ll probably use something more heavy with a hint of sweetness but still fresh. As I mentioned, my mom has been the one who`s given me all these perfumes, either for christmas, birthdays or just as a surprise. Therefore, I do have a lot of perfume bottles hidden in my bathroom cabinet, though I`d preferred if they were on a nice shelf, because many of the bottles are simly gorgeous that they`d make beautiful bathroom decorations!

These are a few of my favourite fragrances, all various types of perfume for different kind of use;

ImageL’Eau de Chloe – Chloe


Ralph – Ralph Lauren

ImageRed Jeans – Versace

ImageRicci Ricci by Nina Ricci

ImageBody by Burberry


What`s your favourite fragrances? and how do you prefer it? Sweet, citrusy, heavy, flowery, light, fresh?


8 thoughts on “La Vie Est Belle – What`s your fragrance?

    • perfumes, eau de toilette, body sprays, hey it`s all about the scent isn`t it?:-)
      It`s nice to wear different kinds depending on seasons, warm summer days are the best days to wear floral fragrances. It kind of reminds me of walking in fields, picking flowers when I was a kid.

    • Burberry has great perfumes. very classy and good smellin`! I`ve never tried any of the Victoria Secret`s products, as we`re not exactly blessed with American stores in Norway.. but I can`t wait to visit one when I visit the States sometime in the future:-)


    Lolita Lempicka reminds me of my teenage years since it’s the perfume I would always wear from age 15 till 19… Alien by Thierry Mugler is the perfume I had on when I began dating my husband so I always wear it on the week end when I spend a lot of time with him 😉 and normally during the week, I put on Diamonds by Emporio Armani. Favorite smell, ever! Sadly, they just stopped making it. 😦 I had a boyfriend a few years ago who was obsessed with the perfume Angel by Thierry Mugler and would always want me to wear it. I HATED that smell, it was too peppery for me! Anyhow, great topic!

    • Yey! Another perfume-lover!:-)
      I remember testing Lolita once.. it`s fun how a scent can make you start reminiscing about the past or certain people. I hate it when they stop producing perfumes, have experienced that a few times! How sweet that you still keep using the perfume when you spend time with your husband!:-)

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