Budget Friendly: Stocking up

Whenever I`m visiting my parents in the Canary Islands, I always make sure that I`ve got an extra suitcase to bring back home. Living in Norway is very, very expensive, especially when you`re living on student loans and grants. Which is why I usually stock up on things when I`m in the Canary Islands, as there are practically no taxes there, with the price level being generally very low. Take the cans of sweet condensed milk for instance. In Norway, these would cost me 9$ per can. When I bought them on the Spanish Island it cost me 1$/can. That`s a 8 dollar difference! The amount of money I save each year just by buying some products with me is rediculously huge!

This time I stocked up on sweet condensed milk, honey, my favourite chocolate, a jar of peach jam, two boxes of sprinkles, some luxurious goat cheese, Serrano ham (Spanish version of the Italian Parma ham), and some  bio-degradable garbage bags.

I love being able to stock up on things that I use, but only  to a fraction of what it`d cost in Norway. This is one of the ways I save a lot of money each year, as everytime I visit I always make sure to buy certain food items with me.




What do you like to stock up on when you got the chance?

Goodbye Norway

I’m currently at the airport, waiting at the gate. Still a bit weird to think that I’m leaving the cold North for a sunny Spain, or to be specific; the Canary Islands; situated 150k from the African west coast. I used a couple of dollars yesterday, to rent a DVD on iTunes. So this flight I’ll be watching Snow white and the Huntsman. It’ll probably be worth it. It’s nice to be able to block out the noise on the plane for a while!

wow! Coincidence! At this very moment I’m noticing a couple of Spanish guys that were in my English Lit. course this semester. Seems like they were all Canarians! Weird!

I have to admit. I had a weak money moment! Originally, my plan was not use any more money than necessary. However! I bought two books! Harriet Stowe ‘s “Uncle Tom’s cabin” and James Joyce’s “Dubliners”. What can I say. I’m a total English lit. geek! And to my defence, they cost me a total of 15$. Which I think is a very budget friendly price to pay for classics I’ve been wanting to read for ages!