Hello world!

After a lot of time considering whether or not if I should start blogging, I finally came to the decision that, yes, I would give it a try. I have a lot of free time this summer which I presume is one of the reasons why I`ve created this blog. I`ve had all these ideas about what I would blog about if I ever had one, so hopefully I`ll be able to take those ideas out of my head and write them down and share them with all of you!

Now then, I guess I should start saying something about what I`m all about and what this blog hopefully will contain. I`d like to think that the name Blonde on Budget should really say it all– i.e. I`m a blonde who is trying to live more carefully financially speaking, as I`m a fulltime student and simply don`t have that much money to spend. which is why I want to share my thoughts, ideas and experiences on life without a million dollars in the bank.

See you soon!

– The Blonde on Budget

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