Why a $100 Concert ticket was worth every dime!

IMG_3734This weekend I went to the first big concert in my entire life, and I had such a great night! The music was great and they`d orchestrated an absolutely majestical show! We bought the tickets way back in October. I payed up $100 for the ticket, and even though I thought it was a bit expensive, saturday´s performance was such a fantastic experience that I haven`t regretted once! Here`s why:

A Childhood Dream. I grew up in a small town in the North, where I as a young girl could only dream about those big city experiences. One of the things I always wanted to do, was go to a concert at Oslo Spektrum. For many, many years it was the biggest concert arena in Norway where all the big stars performed.

Didn`t affect the Budget. I have a savings account for special occasions, holidays and vacation that I used to pay for the ticket, so I never used a credit card and I didn`t get into debt.

Oslo Bucket List.  I`ve lived in Oslo for 4 years now, and still gotten no were with my Oslo Bucket list. I`ve been taking Oslo for granted, that`s why, when BF´s sister suggested we`d all go together, I immediately said yes. So now I can cross that out from my imaginary bucket list!

The Music. The concert we went to was one that´s going into Norwegian music history. They were the first hip hop group to sing in Norwegian, to ever perform in Spektrum. And boy, did they deliver! The 2 hours went by like that! *snap* Hearing all your favourite songs performed live, right in front of you, with 9,000 singing along. That`s unforgettable.

The Atmosphere. Every single person attending the concert was so happy to be there, and with everyone singing along, clapping, people ranging from 8 to 50 were all enjoying the same music!  At one point we were all jumping up and down!

The Company. I went with BF, his sister and her BF, and it was so nice to do something together, as we`re all pretty busy in our everyday lives. And here comes the surprise twist to it. There was also a fifth participant; a secret stowaway passenger currently residing in BF´s sister`s belly! So this August I`m gonna be an aunt to a little girl!


What about you? Have you ever done something out of the ordinary that cost a bit of money, but still worth it?


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What do you wear to a Hip Hop Concert? & Saturday Link

Karpe Diemsource

This week I cut my phone plan in half,  finished two assignments for Uni, wrote about rediscovering your neighbourhood, spend two days in the kitchen preparing for BF´s birthday and made some delicious cupcakes, celebrated BF`s birthday with good friends, and now I`m preparing for a  concert  tonight, it`s a Norwegian hip-hop duo with immigrant background called Karpe Diem.

But I really need some help!  What do you wear to a hip hop concert??!! I felt so old yesterday when I said to BF, “I don`t know what to wear, I`m not exactly hippety hop”! I`m thinking high heels, straightened hair, sparkly ear hoops, a cool top, and tight jeans. Or is that just too stereotypical? What would you wear??

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What`s your plan for the weekend? Have a great one!