Budget friendly Christmas Decorations


I rarely use any money on christmas decorations, as we`re often away at Christmas. However, I do have a tiny collection of random decorations that I put up every December to make our apartment christmassy. Most precious to me is the the Advent Star, the Advent calendar and Santa as they are things that I`ve had since I was a young child, and bring back so many cherished memories.



The rest of my decorations I`ve bought at several budget-friendly stores. The children figures was about 8$ total, and the red angels about 6$.



Last year, I even made a decoration from some old silver garland and aluminum foil, which turned out pretty great and didn`t cost me anything!


What do you do to keep Christmas decorations budget friendly?

4 thoughts on “Budget friendly Christmas Decorations

  1. thanks, how nice of you to write! It`s really easy to make! just twist the alu.foil, form it into a circle, then twirl silver garland until it covers the circle. yes, I do live in Norway:-)

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