Norwegian Easter Traditions


Norway is a Christian nation, so Easter is an important holiday for us, as nearly everyone has time off from Thursday to Monday. It`s a time to visit family and friends. This Easter BF and I are visiting his family,  and I felt like sharing some of Norway`s typical Easter traditions, and as you`ll probably see, we Norwegians love our Easter break. They`re not exactly religious traditions, but it`s what makes Easter, Easter.  And if you wonder, God Påske means Happy Easter.

1. Going skiing in the mountains
One of the most popular activities during Easter is going to a cabin in the mountains and go skiing.

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2. Eating Kvikk Lunsj, the Norwegian version of KitKat – This is the ultimate hiking chocolate. Whenever Norwegians goes hiking, skiing, or just spend time outside, this is the chocolate we prefer. Since 1937!

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