No More Gym Expenses



I want to take care of my body and my health, but I don`t want to waste money.  I`ve been scrutinizing my monthly budget to see where I could make more cuts, like I did with my cellphone plan, and from April 1st I´m cutting down on the gym expenses. I`ve experienced that exercise helps with the fibromyalgia, giving me more energy, and lessening the pain, which is probably why I have been so hesitant with quitting the gym.  I`ve been going to this relatively cheap gym for a year or so, but ever since August when I started Uni with an extra classload to finish up my BA faster, there really hasn`t been time enough to exercise.  But quitting the gym, doesn`t mean I have to stop exercising. …continue reading


Yearning for Spring & Saturday Link

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It`s been Winter for almost 6 months now, so I`m in desperate need of Spring. I`ve been looking through old photos, and found this wonderful spring picture taken in Dublin a couple of years ago.

So… This week I started with writing about how you can save food by using what you`ve got, and then I shared a personal story with all of you, about my battle with Fibromyalgia, which I honestly, was a bit afraid of sharing. But after receiving such a great response, I`m no longer in doubt. I did the right thing. The support and encouragement I`ve gotten, it`s just so amazing.  …continue reading

Dreamy Raspberry Mousse & Hazelnut Cake

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This is both BF and my favourite cake, it`s something I always make for birthdays. I`ve served this in many occasions, and people always take an extra slice of cake! It has an incredibly fresh, sweet taste of raspberries combined with the nuttiness from the hazelnut cake which creates the perfect combination. It does require some time and effort, so I recommend making it over two days. But the great thing with this cake is that you can freeze the leftovers. That is, if there`s anything left to freeze! I thought I`d share this recipe with all of you now, in case you want to make something delicious during Easter! …continue reading

I Battle Fibromyalgia, What`s Your Superpower?


I´ve been going back and forth on whether or not to write about this particular matter, because it`s such a big part of who I am, but at the same time I really don´t want it to be. Then I thought, what if, what if there is somebody out there going through the exact same thing as me? And what if by writing this, it could somehow help. So here we go.

4 years ago, 20 year old me was sick with the flu. What I didn`t know then, was that the flu was actually mono (infectious mononucleosis), which in turn caused my fibromyalgia. After the “flu” wore off, I never really recuperated. You could generally find me either sleeping in bed, or sleeping on the couch. Some days my body would ache so much that I didn´t know what to do, and some days I felt like I had just run a marathon. My energy was gone. No matter how much I slept and rested, it didn’t help at all. My body simply shut down.

At that time I was studying Elementary Education, but I soon discovered that school was definitely off limit. Just walking to the grocery store and back again, felt like a mountain hike! Being around a lot of people was exhausting; all that talking and laughing, not to mention the partying,I despised it all. Why were all these people so damn happy and cheerful all the time? And how dared they be so healthy and normal? …continue reading

Budget Friendly Cooking – What`s in your pantry?


Save Money – Cut down Grocery Budget – Organize the Food – Cook with what you`ve got

In order to save more money I`m trying to cut down on my food-budget this month, and one way of doing that is by cooking with what you`ve got. My cupboards were getting quite messy, so today I  cleaned the cupboard, wrote down every food item, and then organized the food. I also organized the freezer, and noted down whatever I found. And there were a lot more food than I`d thought:

Baking supply: Whole wheat, Whole-wheat flour coarsely ground, Whole-wheat flour finely ground, Wheat bran, Sunflower kernels, Pumpkinseeds, Flax seeds, Yeast, Flour, Vanilla sugar, Baking powder, Baking soda, Dark syrup, Light syrup, Demerara sugar, Sugar, Brown sugar, Confectionary sugar, Cocoa powder, Sweet condensed milk.

Dry Ingredients: Pasta Penne, Pasta Tagliatelle, Jasmine rice, Brown lentils, Red lentils, Tomato soup, Béarnaise sauce, Gravy, Oatmeal, Polenta, Muesli, Pistachio, Raisins, Saltines,

Freezer: Broccoli, Lingonberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, 6 Nan bread, 10 Tortilla, Hamburger bread, Portion Bread, Brioche, Sourdough Bread, 4 calzones, Pizza sauce, Pork, 2 Chicken Breasts, 4 Ground Pork meat, 4 Ground Beef,  2 Turkey Breasts, 2 Tenderloins of Pork, 1 Tenderloin of Pork BBQ, some Chicken wings, 3 portions of smoked salmon.

Fridge: Spring onion, Onion, Ham, Salsa, Butter, Whipping cream, Tomato pure, Milk Chocolate, Apples, Oranges, Bananas.

With these ingredients in mind, I decided to make the following meal plan, trying to incorporate food items I already got.

Meal Plan
Monday: Creamy Pasta with Ham & Mushroom
Tuesday: Norwegian Stew
Wednesday: Scrambled egg & smoked salmon with bread
Thursday: European Pancakes
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Turkey Breast with creamy mushroom sauce
Sunday: Pasta Bolognese

For the next 4 weeks, I`ll be using what I`ve got as the main ingredients, and try to only buy items of food that`s absolutely needed. My starting budget is $421, but hopefully I`ll have some money left after one month.

What are you ways of cutting down the food expenses?

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