Where are you Spring? & Sunday Link

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I didn´t have time to post anything yesterday, which is why Sunday Link is filling in for Saturday Link today:-)  Yesterday I spent the entire day in the woods by a bonfire, grilling hot dogs and drinking some wine (so classy) with a bunch of people, which eventually turned into an After-Bonfire when the sun had set… I´m a bit tired today, but I had such a great time yesterday and met loads of nice people. This week was my Easter Break, but I did manage to write almost 4 pages on my Bachelor Thesis before taking some time off studying. I wrote about how I called of my Gym membership, shared a delicious Lemon and Chocolate Cupcake recipe with you and about typical Norwegian Easter Traditions.  Spring still seems so far away, and I`m already dreaming of summer, hence the picture! How will this end?

Sunday Link

When are you happiest? – Budget & the Beach

Your Ideal Self is Costing You – Money After Graduation

Vegetable Minestrone Soup – I Heart Vegetables

Having Kids: Is It Worth It?  – Club Thrifty

We Quit Our Jobs With $26.000 To Travel the World – guest post by Mish at Making Sense of Cents

A Different Sort of Easter Egg – This Italian Family

Spring Fashion Trends – Fair Trade Edition – Scribbles from Emily

Miracles – Just Live It

When your blog strategy fails – L Bee and the Money Tree

On Saving 20% for a Down Payment – My Pretty Pennies

Education Outside of the Classroom (and after Graduation) – Mo`Money Mo`Houses

Prosciutto-Crusted Mini-Quiches – The Frugal Girl

Cheap vs. Frugal: What does $1 mean to you? – Newlyweds on  a budget

Health Benefits of Self-Gifting – Hassle-Free Savings

Taking a Leap of Faith – Live Love and Work

How was your week? Did you do something fun?

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