Preparing for St.Patrick & Saturday Link

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This week was filled with so much uni-work, but after a lot of re-writing, and spending Friday night infront of the computer with a glass of red wine, I finally finished my English Lit. essay about Jane Eyre and 21st century notions of womanhood, a couple of hours before deadline. Finally!

Today I´ve been preparing for St. Patrick`s day. I`ve made a bunch of french macaroons, coloured green of course, some with a milk chocolate filling, and some with a pistachio-buttercream filling and cruncy bites of pistachio and sea salt. Tomorrow we`re having some friends over for a traditional egg&bacon breakfast served with coffee, Irish style 😉 before we head downtown to our local Irish pub to celebrate! Can`t wait! It`ll be a day of festive cheers and good food!

This week I wrote about my great concert experience last weekend and how it was worth every dime, I told you about the The Great Norwegian Adventure, and finally I confronted my fears and baked a Sourdough Bread and shared both the recipe and the starter recipe with all of you!

Saturday Link

Travel cheap in France – Reach Financial Independence

Shop your closet – A Desert Girl

DIY Book Clutch – Scribbles from Emily

You`ve received a windfall; now what? – Club Thrifty

Spring clean your wardrobe – Making Sense of Cents

Behind the scenes of a commercial shoot – This Italian Family

Considering cost-per-use – Give me back my five bucks

— And thanks to Pauline for mentioning me in Carnival of Financial Independence

9 thoughts on “Preparing for St.Patrick & Saturday Link

    • hehe, yep! I take hosting very serious! Had to have something sweet to offer my breakfast guests 🙂 I had a great St. Patrick´s day, but I`m glad that it`s only once a year.. I was a bit tired yesterday! You`re welcome:-)

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