Why a $100 Concert ticket was worth every dime!

IMG_3734This weekend I went to the first big concert in my entire life, and I had such a great night! The music was great and they`d orchestrated an absolutely majestical show! We bought the tickets way back in October. I payed up $100 for the ticket, and even though I thought it was a bit expensive, saturday´s performance was such a fantastic experience that I haven`t regretted once! Here`s why:

A Childhood Dream. I grew up in a small town in the North, where I as a young girl could only dream about those big city experiences. One of the things I always wanted to do, was go to a concert at Oslo Spektrum. For many, many years it was the biggest concert arena in Norway where all the big stars performed.

Didn`t affect the Budget. I have a savings account for special occasions, holidays and vacation that I used to pay for the ticket, so I never used a credit card and I didn`t get into debt.

Oslo Bucket List.  I`ve lived in Oslo for 4 years now, and still gotten no were with my Oslo Bucket list. I`ve been taking Oslo for granted, that`s why, when BF´s sister suggested we`d all go together, I immediately said yes. So now I can cross that out from my imaginary bucket list!

The Music. The concert we went to was one that´s going into Norwegian music history. They were the first hip hop group to sing in Norwegian, to ever perform in Spektrum. And boy, did they deliver! The 2 hours went by like that! *snap* Hearing all your favourite songs performed live, right in front of you, with 9,000 singing along. That`s unforgettable.

The Atmosphere. Every single person attending the concert was so happy to be there, and with everyone singing along, clapping, people ranging from 8 to 50 were all enjoying the same music!  At one point we were all jumping up and down!

The Company. I went with BF, his sister and her BF, and it was so nice to do something together, as we`re all pretty busy in our everyday lives. And here comes the surprise twist to it. There was also a fifth participant; a secret stowaway passenger currently residing in BF´s sister`s belly! So this August I`m gonna be an aunt to a little girl!


What about you? Have you ever done something out of the ordinary that cost a bit of money, but still worth it?


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17 thoughts on “Why a $100 Concert ticket was worth every dime!

  1. I saw SO many bands in my 20’s which ranged from small clubs to bigger venues (although always preferred the small venues). I will always treasure that part of younger days and look back on it fondly. They say you shouldn’t buy stuff, but rather experiences, and sounds like you did!

  2. Awesome!!! I’m so glad it was money well spent. It sounds like you had a blast. Those experiences are the best. I’d say I have occasionally had buyers remorse on clothing and shoes and other items that I’ve spent too much money on, but life experiences never! Sometimes the most meaningful things are the least tangible.

    And congrats on the niece! That’s so exciting!

    • I really did! oh yes, that buyer`s remorse thing, been there done that!! but as you say, never on life experiences!
      and thaaanks! I`m sooo excited! I`ll probably never have a biological niece or nephew, so I`m going to make the most of this opportunity! I`m already planning on sewing a dress for the little one!

  3. Any vacation or trip I have ever taken has always cost me $$, but I have always, always, always felt that it is worth it. Just the experience of new things and having fun! Rock on!

  4. Sounds like so much fun!!! When I was younger, some friends and I spent a couple of years where we took several trips to different states around the U.S. I had never traveled much before, and never traveled without my parents, so it was SO fun to be out on my own with friends and roaming around cities like Chicago and Las Vegas. Totally worth the money!

    • ah, how I`m craving to explore the States! I`ve always been such a big America-fan, and have so many places I want to visit! Some traditional places, such as LA, Las Vegas, NYC, San Fransisco, but also exploring various small towns!

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