What do you wear to a Hip Hop Concert? & Saturday Link

Karpe Diemsource

This week I cut my phone plan in half,  finished two assignments for Uni, wrote about rediscovering your neighbourhood, spend two days in the kitchen preparing for BF´s birthday and made some delicious cupcakes, celebrated BF`s birthday with good friends, and now I`m preparing for a  concert  tonight, it`s a Norwegian hip-hop duo with immigrant background called Karpe Diem.

But I really need some help!  What do you wear to a hip hop concert??!! I felt so old yesterday when I said to BF, “I don`t know what to wear, I`m not exactly hippety hop”! I`m thinking high heels, straightened hair, sparkly ear hoops, a cool top, and tight jeans. Or is that just too stereotypical? What would you wear??

Saturday Link

A Desert Girl is making her own brooch bouquet,

Making Sense of Cents is eliminating food waste,

Scribbles from Emily is having a great spring giveaway,

My Pretty Pennies has been thinking about courage and little life lessons,

Reach Financial Independence wants you to buy the method, not the lifestyle,

Allie`s Life shared pictures from her trip to Florida,

Budget Blonde is giving us the A-Z financial self-Sufficiency checklist,

Mo´Money Mo`Houses shared more of her Thailand Adventure,

Blonde and Balanced is a worrier but dealing with it,

This Italian Family almost sat the kitchen on fire,

Club Thrifty turned a flight cancellation into a spontanous adventure,

The Frugal Farmer is keeping the cost of healthcare for a family of 6 on the low,

and I discovered Life out of the Box; a couple who moved to Nicaragua to do good and give back to the world.

What`s your plan for the weekend? Have a great one!

10 thoughts on “What do you wear to a Hip Hop Concert? & Saturday Link

  1. LOL, at almost 46, I would have absolutely NO idea of what to wear to a hip-hop concert, so I can’t help you there, but I’m sure it’ll be a good time, so have fun! Thanks for the mention, also. We’ll be having a bday party here for two of our little tykes, and making our Easter dinner plans, which always include this great lefse we get shipped in from the other side of the state. Most of the stuff we find here is terrible, but we’ve found a place that makes wonderful homemade lefsa and will ship it to us. It’s the highlight of our holidays! 🙂

    • haha, I`m only 24, but sometimes I feel like I have the soul of a 80 year old woman, I don`t always understand “kids these days”. I`m hoping for a good night though, the group is a very different kind of hip hop group that I`ve ever come across. They sing about social integration, religion, immigration background, politics etc. So their texts are actually meaningful!

      aw, hope your youngsters have a great birthday! OoooOoh! fancy! sticking to the old traditions I see! It got me thinking of what`s traditional easter food in Norway, but only thing I can remember right now is roasted leg of lamb, which is the typical easter dinner meal. Other than that the kids get a easter egg filled with something we call “smågodt” in Norwegian, it`s different kinds of small pieces of candy. Hope the ordering of the homemade lefse goes well!:-) So fun to hear that you`re having something typical Norwegian!

      • Hmmm, I’ll have to consider adding leg of lamb to the dinner. Thanks for the info on the candy – I’ll check it out. My grammy would be thrilled to know we’re stepping up our Norwegian on Easter. 🙂

    • you`re welcome! 🙂 Well, I`m not standing so I might go with the heels, we decided to pay a couple of $ extra to have seats. Which turned to be a very good idea, because my “sister-in-law” is now 4 months pregnant!

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