(re)discover your neighbourhood

I live close by several major tourist attractions, and every time I take the subway, I can guarantee you, there will be tourists either going uphill or downtown. What makes them stand out, besides the foreign languages, is that they always seat themselves on the side of the subway where you can see all over town. And they take photos. A lot. Which made we wonder. When was the last time I actually took a camera with me and took photos of my town? I mean, I live in the Capital; crying out loud. There are plenty (!!) of pretty things to discover and take photos of. Why should only the tourists experience the city like this?

 Therefore, a couple of weeks ago, on a beautiful, sunny Sunday, BF and I went for a walk downtown. And this time I brought my camera with me. At first it felt a bit odd, taking pictures of everything, but then I thought about the social media world we live in today, so I figured, why should I be bothered if anyone thinks I`m an obsessive Instagrammer (I´m not), or that I`m a blogger (which I am. But only one person in my real life knows about it). Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. I took out my camera when we got to the Royal Palace, thought it`d be an easy transition, you know, all the tourists and me. And then I stopped caring, and started taking pictures.

Norwegian Royal PalaceCarl Johan statueThe Royal Palace where the King and the Queen reside, but during summer it`s open for the public through guided tours. A statue of the Norwegian&Swedish King Carl Johan, by which the street leading down from the castle and all the way down to the central station is named after. The inscription says: “the people`s love, my reward”.

Aker brygge by winteraker brygge in winterAker Brygge. A very popular place during spring and summer. They sell the best ice-cream there! There are green areas where people can have a picnic, and children can play. The latest thing is a small beach! Franklin D. Roosevelt statue in OsloAnd as a special treat for all you American readers, here`s what looked like a very random statue of Franklin D. Roosevelt. I did google it, and it turns out, during the WW2, the president had a speech called Look to Norway. A very inspirational speech for all resistance fighters in Europe. So we put up a statue as thanks!

oslo tram from 1913oslo tram from 1913 (1)While walking towards the central station, we discovered that the old tram was in use for the day, so I just had to hop on. The tram is from 1913, and they usually take it out for a spin on Sundays. Such a great experience. Not much has changed, other than the tram driver was a woman. Don`t think that would`ve been allowed in 1913!

Vulkan Mathall / Vulkan Food MarketVulkan Mathall / Vulkan Food MarketThe last thing we did was go uptown to an area called Grünerløkka, where the Food Market can be found. This area was previously an industrial area of the city, but is now where all the hipsters hang around. Compared to markets in other European countries, the Food Market is very dissappointing. It`s crazy expensive, and mostly just exists of small dining areas. Not the place for a poor student trying to make her ends meet. But it was a fun experience. And it does smell lovely in there!! kornsilo, studentbolig, grain silo turned student housingI thought I`d end this tour today with a funny building you can find next to the Food Market. It`s a former grain silo turned into student housing! Genious right? Though, I`ve heard it`s hard to decorate with all the walls being rounded…

So whether you live in a big city, a small town or in the country, when was the last time you actually stopped, looked around and “smelled the roses”? In the busy everyday you can easily forget that the place you live might actually be worth (re)discovering. Oslo can be  ugly and scary, but also peaceful and beautiful, it`s all in the eye of the beholder. So here`s my challenge to you. Go explore your neighbourhood.  And bring a camera, you never know when you gonna need it!

If you blog about it, let me know, and I`ll link you up on my blog! I`d love to see some other parts of the world rediscovered!

30 thoughts on “(re)discover your neighbourhood

    • That`s great! I know, it`s a lot fun actually. It`s all about daring looking like a tourist, but after a few snaps with the camera, you don`t really care anymore. I`ve often discovered that when I look through the eyes of a tourist I experience so much more of my town!

    • Thank you! So glad you liked my little tour of Oslo!:-) I`ve been thinking of discovering more of each specific areas of the city, getting to really know each area better. I really want to get to know this city I live in, after all I`ve been living her for 4 years, but still, some parts of town are completely unknown to me.

    • Thank you! When it`s sunny outside, it makes it so much easier to take nice photos. I´m very interested in American history, so Boston is one place I`ve always wanted to visit!! Yes, me too! I can´t wait for spring to get here! I`m definitely going take my dslr camera with me and capture the colours!

  1. Beautiful pictures! I love that silo building, that would be super fun to live in! I live in a wonderful city, but my my husband and I have definitely gotten comfortable in our little area, and we really should do some exploring! There’s a lot to see and do in Phoenix, we really should take advantage of it!

    • Thank you! yeah, I think so too! I love how many previously industrial buildings in Oslo gets saved and used for something new! You live in Phoenix? Cool! I knew you lived in Arizona, but didn`t know it was Phoenix. It seems like a very diverse and interesting city and area in general! Definitely one of the places I want to see in the States. Hope you guys go and do some exploring! 🙂 Would love to see some pictures! (other than you get from googling :-P)

  2. Great pics! Every once in awhile I’ll take a different route home so I can drive along the ocean and just see the sunset to remind myself of the beauty of it. I love the beach and the ocean, and there is something so calming about it.

    • Thank you 🙂 Aw, that sounds so nice! I love watching the sunset! I have this big wish of experiencing the Pacific Ocean once, just sitting on a beach and watching the sunset. I`m a big fan of the beach and ocean as well, as I used to live by the ocean in Spain, and watched the sunset nearly every night.

  3. Oslo looks beautiful. I love those dorms! I wonder how it looks inside?! Anyway, I envy you for living in a beautiful country with a lot of open minded people. The area where I currently live is not very pretty. I mean, I could take pretty pictures of it if I really wanted to but it’s nothing compared to what you can find in Europe. My husband and I miss the beauty of European towns so so much! Also, questions about your royals. Do they hold any power? Are they treated as celebrities like the British royals?
    Take care, Norwegian girl!

    • Thanks! I think so too! You just have to know where to go. well,if you google “Grünerløkka Student Housing” you can check it out yourself:-) I can understand that there are some areas that will never compare to European countries, I mean, compared to cities like London or Prague, Oslo is very boring! But I see why you miss it. It`s one of a kind. Considering America is such a “young” nation (if not thinking of the native American culture), the European towns has something special about it.

      About the royals, well Norway is a constitutional monarchy, which means that the Monarch acts as head of state within constitutional guidelines. But Norway is only a ceremonial monarchy, meaning that the monarch acting as head of state is only of ceremonial meaning. He/she has no executive political power. That`s for the PM!

      And yes, they are the biggest celebrities in Norway. And funnily enough, Germany LOVES the Norwegian Monarchy. They make the most rediculous gossip articles about the Norwegian monarchy, especially about the Norwegian Crown Princess, Mette Marit. The Crown Prince married Mette Marit, a former drug addict and single mother in 2001, so ehm, we Norwegian knows how to make the Monarchy interesting!

    • Thank you! It`s my hope that some of the people reading my blog will be intrigued by Norway, and want to visit it. Due to Norway being quite expensive, it`s often forgotten along the other European countries, but I hope that people feel that it`s worth the visit!:-) Well, if you want to explore Norway, you know who to ask for advice 😉

  4. Hi! Just found your site through a comment on another site. I am half Norwegian so I figured I should take a look :-). The pics are absolutely beautiful! It’s so great to see some of my great-grandparents’ homeland, thanks for sharing!

    • Hi there! How great! I love it when Norwegian-Americans discover my blog! Thanks, I love to show off the old country! 😉 Hope to keep seeing you around, I plan on writing a lot about Norwegian culture, traditions and food 🙂

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  7. I would love to go to Oslo one day and to see the rest of Norway, too! This post made it even more urgent…

    Once I started blogging, I found it was fun to take random pictures as I go out and about and so I like to write about my days out – it’s got so far that my husband tells me to take pictures for the blog or takes some himself that he says I can use 🙂
    So if you want to see a bit of Switzerland and England, you might want to come on over…

    • You definitely should! I`d reccommend winter or spring/summer. Think that`s the best time to visit Norway in general. It`s definitely one of the best things about blogging, taking photos of everything and nothing! How great! I`d love to see and learn more about Switzerland!

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