Be SMART about phone use and SAVE money

In September 2012 I had finally saved enough money to buy a smart phone. But then there was the choice of choosing a reasonable cell phone plan. What`s usual in Norway, is to have a plan which has a lot included. At that point, there was only one I thought fitting to my cell phone use, a plan that cost me $35 a month. And it included 600 texts, 600 mms, 600 minutes and 1000MB, which I thought was a great deal!

6 months later, I find myself realizing that I never use the phone that much, so I don`t get the value of the monthly cost of $35! So I went online to my cell phone plan contractor, to see if they had something that would suit my phone use better. That`s when I discovered a new cell-phone plan! Sure it only included 150 texts, MMS, MB and minutes, but that should be sufficient for my use. And it only cost $17.50! That would mean cutting my cell phone bill in HALF!

By changing my phone plan, I`ll now save $210 a year!! And!! Another genius thing I intend to do, is instead of adding that extra $17.50 a month to my spending money, I`m going to save the money. I intend to make an automatic transfer of $17.50 to my Vacation savings account each month! This way I make sure that I really do save money by cutting my phone plan in half! 😉 So be SMART and start SAVING money! 

ImageA Dublin snapshot, one of the places I`ve saved up months in advance to visit!

What about you? How are your cell phone bills? Is there anything you could cut back on? Is there anything else you`d rather spend the money on?

16 thoughts on “Be SMART about phone use and SAVE money

    • $93?!!! That`s extreme! Well, I only have experience with Norwegian and Spanish phone plans, but both are rather cheap, so I presume that many other European countries have cheaper phone plans as well. I`m not exactly sure why, but maybe it has something to do with the relatively small size of European countries compared with that of the US??

    • Your phone is company paid? That`s awesome! I guess you save a lot of money by having that opportunity! And I completely understand why you probably would`ve had a cheap prepaid one, especially after reading Budget & the Beach`s comment on how expensive it is in the States.

  1. Wow, you have better cell phones plans than in the US. I don’t use the phone that much, but the cheapest contract I can get is about $50.00. That is with the lowest minutes/texts. It’s a good idea to switch to the cheaper plan.

    • yeah, apparently we do. Perhaps it got to do with the size of European countries compared to the US… I thought so too, though I`ve only had the cheaper plan for 5 days, I`ve been tracking my phone use, and so far so good:-)

  2. You have a much better plan than us in North America, where it’s hard to get a smart phone for that cheap, but I applaud you for recognizing that you don’t need it and cutting back to save money. It’s hard to cut back – it’s much easier to spend MORE.

  3. I wish I had your discipline! I use my iPhone all the time but once my husband leaves his job, we will have to downgrade our cellphone plan…. Living far away from home, I use 6 GB of data each month to listen to French radio shows (live!) on my way home from work. I also like all the niceties that come with an iPhone, although I could survive without one if I really had to. 😉

    • well, as long as you can afford it, and uses it that much, than I don´t see the problem. I`m a student with a very low income (student loans) so money is really tight right now, so that`s one of the main reasons for my phone plan change. And I can understand the wish to stay connected to France; my parents live in Gran Canaria for most of the year, and it`s really expensive to make a call to Spain. But often, they call me, saving me the extra expenses.

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