Islands in the Stream & Saturday Link

I was catching up on Hart of Dixie last night, when this adorably weird proposal took place, and now I can`t get this song of my mind. Anyway, this week was full of interesting posts to read, and here are some of them. Now, if you`ll excuse me, I have to go back to writing my Victorian Literature essay…

Saturday Link

Fashion for Freedom Closet Update – Scribbles from Emily

Are you letting “future you” pay for today? – Blonde & Balanced

Longing for the simple times – Budget & the Beach

Where did all my money go? – Mo´Money Mo`Houses

Celebrating St David’s Day {and our own personal holidays too} – This Italian Family

My Student loan debt is below $5,000 – Money after Graduation

Europe update: Week 2 – Vanessa`s Money

How in the heck did I end up over here!!?? – The French Wife

Is clutter ruining your productivity? – Making Sense of Cents

Smitten Kitchen Cookbook Signing – My Pretty Pennies

We accept the love we think we deserve – Below Her Means

Insurance stinks Until….. – L Bee and the Money Tree

Our Bulk Buy Lifestyle – Budget Blonde

Have a Great Weekend Everybody!


12 thoughts on “Islands in the Stream & Saturday Link

  1. Your welcome:-)
    I`ve actually been trying to do this for a while now, but I`m like wordpress-retarded when it comes to even the simplest things like links.. Buuuut, today I finally figured it out!

    • Me too! It`s definitely one of my favourite shows. I guess I`ve been a Bilson fan ever since the OC, and when you combine that with the charming South, it can`t go wrong! Your welcome! I love reading your blog, I always get so inspired to make something ( I`m currently trying out a Brioche recipe;-) )

  2. Hey Norwegian girl!
    Do you have a really Norwegian name?!
    Thank you for all your sweet comments! I enjoyed reading them! 🙂 Sorry about the delay to respond to you… Life has been rather hectic in my neck of the wood, to say the least. Looking forward to getting to know you more! My husband and I have always been Nordic countries fanatics so I’m excited to hear/learn more about Norway!

    • Hi, I totally forgot to respond to this comment, but here I am. No, my name isn´t very Norwegian at all, it`s a biblical name:-) No worries, I just hope you keep on blogging, it`s an interesting reading:-)
      Well if you like Nordic countries, then you`ve found just the place to discover more!:-)

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