Go for a Walk – it won`t cost you a dime!


It was such a beautiful weather today! A couple degrees above freezing point, not a cloud on the sky and a warm, bright sun. My mom and I then decided to grasp the opportunity, and together with the dogs, we went for a long walk in the woods. I brought my camera along so I`d be able to take some snapshots. And it made me think. Why don´t I do this more often? I might not have a dog to walk at home, but that shouldn`t stop me, should it? Because it really is the perfect and most frugal activity I can think of.

  1. You get fresh air
  2. You get some exercise and improve your health
  3. If you`re in need of some alone time you can go by yourself
  4. It can be a social activity. Call up a friend, or make it into a date with your loved one.
  5. If you got children, take them with you, and make a day of it. Bring some snacks and beverage, and you`re good to go.
  6. You can go walking in the woods, by the ocean, or if you live in a big city, why not take a stroll in the park?
  7. Bring a camera.  Take silly shadow pictures, or try capturing your dog in motion. Make some memories!
  8. If you got a dog, make sure to bring a treat. They`ll love it! 😉
  9. It won´t cost you anything!
  10. It`s fun to experience nature

IMG_3637 IMG_3641 IMG_3631

What kind of activites do you do? Do you have any frugal ones?

12 thoughts on “Go for a Walk – it won`t cost you a dime!

    • aw, how sweet! having a dog is a great way to get some more exercise, and suddenly it gets much more fun being outside!:-) One of my family dogs loooooooves snow. Whenever he gets the opportunity he rolls around in the snow, as if he`s bathing!

    • That`s great! I think that`s the best way to explore a new place! I always go walking when I go on vacation. When I visited Prague a couple of years ago, I just walked all around the city and really got to know the place. I`ve always found it to be the best way to discover those cute sidewalk cafés, or when I was in London, it was how I suddenly ended up at Downing Street and the Big Ben!

  1. This is my first visit to your blog! I found you on The Frugal Girl. I was intrigued by your name, as my great grandparents were from Norway, and I’ve dreamed of traveling to Norway.
    I am an adjunct literature and composition teacher. Your English is excellent!
    I’m enjoying your beautiful photos. Keep up the good work:)

    • Well hi there! And welcome to my blog! I`ve been hoping for someone with Norwegian-American background to find my blog:-) I can understand your dream of visiting Norway; it`s an experience for life! Do you know where your great grandparents came from? I`m actually writing on some posts about the Norwegian-American heritage and the Norwegian fascination for this, so be sure to keep reading; I`ll probably be posting in a couple of days.

      Thank you so much for commenting on my English, I always appreciate hearing that from native English speakers! Means a lot! Especially from a teacher!;-) And as for the photos, Thanks again! I love taking photos, and it`s great to finally have a place to share them! Hope you`ll come by another time!

  2. I love going for a walk! When we first got married, we used to go on a walk every night. it was such a fun tradition. The longer we’ve been married, the busier our lives have gotten, but now we have a dog so we at least take him out from time to time. 🙂 Walks are wonderful! 🙂

  3. Hey Norwegian girl!
    I love walking my fur babies. However, I am not as lucky as you are because where I live, it’s just plain… ugly. My husband and I often lament about how much we miss nature and the beautiful sceneries and landscapes that Europe has to offer!

    • Hi there! aw! how lovely to have some fur babies! I just borrow my parents` pets, and pretend their mine:-P
      Don´t say that, just because it doesn`t look like my pictures, doesn`t mean it looks bad. Perhaps you just got to look closer, and maybe you find some prettiness after all:-)

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