A Fisherman`s Village

I`ll guess most of you will never visit Norway, but let me show you a couple of photos from my ancestors place; Lofoten…



ImageImageIf you want to view more breathtaking photos, than just google Lofoten, Norway, and I can promise you a scenery you`ll never forget!

6 thoughts on “A Fisherman`s Village

  1. Your pictures are gorgeous!!
    I actually went to Norway for vacation in March of 2011 and I loved it there. My husband and I visited Oslo, Geilo, and Voss. It was so gorgeous I didn’t want to leave.

    • Thank you so much! you did? How great! I actually live in Oslo, but so far I haven`t really taken that much pictures of the city, guess I`ll do it when spring arrives! So happy that you loved your stay in Norway! It´s a beautiful country!

    • You should! I grew up close by Lofoten, and spend all my vacations and weekends in this particular fisherman`s village where my dad came from. Hurtigruten is a great way of experiencing Norway, you get to see so much! I too want to go on a Hurtigruten cruise one day!

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