Budget Friendly: Stocking up

Whenever I`m visiting my parents in the Canary Islands, I always make sure that I`ve got an extra suitcase to bring back home. Living in Norway is very, very expensive, especially when you`re living on student loans and grants. Which is why I usually stock up on things when I`m in the Canary Islands, as there are practically no taxes there, with the price level being generally very low. Take the cans of sweet condensed milk for instance. In Norway, these would cost me 9$ per can. When I bought them on the Spanish Island it cost me 1$/can. That`s a 8 dollar difference! The amount of money I save each year just by buying some products with me is rediculously huge!

This time I stocked up on sweet condensed milk, honey, my favourite chocolate, a jar of peach jam, two boxes of sprinkles, some luxurious goat cheese, Serrano ham (Spanish version of the Italian Parma ham), and some  bio-degradable garbage bags.

I love being able to stock up on things that I use, but only  to a fraction of what it`d cost in Norway. This is one of the ways I save a lot of money each year, as everytime I visit I always make sure to buy certain food items with me.




What do you like to stock up on when you got the chance?

6 thoughts on “Budget Friendly: Stocking up

    • yepp! Thought that example would cause some wow`s, and it looks like I was right. Oh, trust me. I`m stockpiling. I also have a dad who travels a lot between spain and norway, so I`ve often asked him to bring some items as well.

  1. Wow, that’s a major price difference! I’m envious of that cheese right now….it looks amazing!
    Also, thank you so much for being a faithful reader, and for your very kind words on my post about confidence. You made me cry happy tears 🙂 Thank you so much. It’s good to not feel alone, and know that others struggle with the same things. 🙂

    • aww! Thanks for the nice words! I hope that I`ll eventually start writing more sincere and honest posts about life as you do. I guess I`m still in that development phase where I`m not sure on what to write and who to communicate with, so it`s nice to have blogs like yours to read when I need some inspiration in life. Also, I very much agree with you, it`s a relief to know that one`s not alone in this confusing and demanding world we`re living in. A reason why I love reading blogs.
      And btw, the cheese is delish!

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