The circle of friends is expanding

My BF and I have a close circle of friends consisting of a couple that’s getting married this summer, a guy who we’ve both known since we were teenagers and this last one who has been single for quite some time, but who recently introduced us to his girlfriend! This might not seem like a big deal, but trust me, it is. He has often said that the day he introduces us to a girl then it’s serious. Like introducing a girl to one’s parents-serious!

We’ve started this tradition that we all celebrate New Years Eve together, and this New years Eve, we were talking about how the table might look like in 2 and 10 years from now. Our hope is that two years from now we’ll need two more seats for the two guys’ girlfriends, and 10 years from now, a really long table to fit our hopefully expanded families:-)

So now I’m on the subway, on my way downtown to meet up with them and my BF for a meal and some pints at our favourite Irish pub. Isn’t nice when your close friends finds their special one? I think it’s awesome!

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