Making the most of one piece of clothing

When I went shopping the other day, I was looking for a nice top that I could use on Christmas but also on other occasions, as it`s such a waste for me to buy beautiful dresses that`ll only be worn once a year. In addition, I`m also one of those who freeze all the time. I`ve often been seen covered by a blanket on a summer`s day! Which is why I prefer using a pair of nice pants or a skirt combined with a nice top on special occasions. As you already know I did find one beautiful, budget friendly, blue sequin top with a 3/4 sleeve; which got me thinking about different ways of wearing it, with an emphasis on everyday use. So I found a similiar looking top on Polyvore and played around for a little while and here`s the result.

Special occasion; this is how I intend to use the top on Christmas Eve ImageGoing out for dinnerImageA comfy everyday look, that can be used both at work and universityImage

What do you think? How would you make the most of one item of clothing?


3 thoughts on “Making the most of one piece of clothing

  1. I really like all three outfits! I would definitely wear everything in outfit number three. I love that jacket and the boots! I also love versatile tops that can be dressed up and down, like the one you found. I’m trying to condense my closet to 100 items, and that means I need pieces that can be worn in many ways!

    • thanks! had never used polyvore before, but it was surprisingly fun! And actually a bit useful to get more ideas on how to use one item in several ways. I also like the last picture a lot. I think it’s really me. 100 items? Hmm… Now you’ve got me wondering on how many I’ve got. I think I’ll probably would be shocked over the number. Some tops, some pants, some dresses, it all adds up!

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