Spending some birthday money


I`ve had some birthday money that`s been waiting to be spent on something pretty since October, and today was the day to make that a reality. I bought a blue sequin top that I can use on Christmas Eve, but also on other occasions; a knitted cable stitch cardigan for everyday use; and a pair of black jeans. to top it all of, my mom gave me the most perfect jacket for cold winter days. I also found a very pretty hair clip that I intend on wearing a lot! The total cost was 115$ which I think is a very acceptable cost especially when I know it would`ve cost me about the double to buy the exact same things in Norway. I rarely go shopping, mostly because I don`t have any money to spend, so the last time I went shopping was in May. In other words, it`s been a while.

Though it was fun to go looking around in all the shops, I did behave very calm and thought thoroughly about how and when I would use every item. I think this is a tactic I`ll be using a lot more in the future! I`ve also started to shop only certain colours so that I can use most of my clothes together in many different ways. I`m really fond of navy blue, dark green, brown and beige as primary colours, and then I like to use a lot of pastel colours, creating a soft and sofisticated look.

How do you limit yourself when going shopping?


2 thoughts on “Spending some birthday money

  1. You’ve got a great shopping strategy! Thinking it through and buying items that go together in different ways is a great way to make the most of a budget. I’m trying to start only buying items of certain colors so they can all be mixed and matched. I really like navy blue, grey, and black, but I don’t want to look depressing, so I’d like to use pink, coral, teal, red, mint, and other bright colors as accents with accessories.

    • I think so too! I used to be a bit random in my shopping habits, and always got frustrated when nothing fit together! I love coral and teal, have a couple of tops in those colours. I actually didnt know the name of the colour teal until now (googled it;-)) I’ve always called it a greenish turquoise!

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