My Nespresso Crush

I`ve always loved a latte, which has left its trace on my bank account. This autumn, I mentioned to my BF that I wanted a Nespresso coffeemaker, because the capsules are easy to use and taste amazingly good. I even stated exactly which kind I wanted. No beating around the bush here! A couple of weeks later he came home from work with an early birthdaypresent; a Nespresso Citiz in that creamy vintage look! And I`ve been hooked ever since.

ImageI`ve never thought of coffee as anything exclusive, but all that changed after I went downtown to buy some capsules at Nespresso boutique. I guess I should have known just by the name. Boutique. When coffee is sold from something called Boutique it got to be something more to it. And it was! The shop looked amazing, with an impeccable interior and walls covered in shelves with coffee after coffee.  Wonderful smells lingering in the air, from their free coffee stand upstairs. Yes, you can go upstairs and taste whatever coffee you`d like; including Italian pastries. Love it! The shop managers and assistants all dress in fitting suits, all very appropriate, and serve each customer in a graceful manner. I realize now that I sound like an advertisement, but I was just in awe over feeling like an insider. I was one of them. I was a Nespresso customer. I was important. It`s a silly thing to say, but it really is how they make you feel. And when you`re a poor student living in the second most expensive city in the world, it`s nice to feel special sometimes. Even if it is only for a moment.

Have you ever experienced moments like this?

2 thoughts on “My Nespresso Crush

  1. How sweet of your BF to get you an early birthday present! I know what you mean about feeling special when shopping at nice stores, I haven’t had an exclusive experience like that, but sometimes it’s nice to go to expensive shops and pretend you actually have enough money to shop there, when really you’re just looking 🙂

    • Thank you so much for visiting on my blog! Appreciate it:-) I know, he`s wonderful!
      totally agree! I`ve always liked looking around in expensive shops to just get some inspiration. and sometimes it`s just really nice to look at all the pretty things. I can hang around in a Marc Jacobs corner in a department store for a long while! 😉

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