Wallowing in Self Pity…

Well, not exactly. Just feeling a bit “under the weather”. Woke up feeling absolutely horrible, but after some painkillers and some well deserved dark chocolate bites, I`m starting to feel better. Though, the thought of opening my textbooks and studying phonetics doesn`t exactly thrill me. After yesterday`s exhausting exam, and a long walk around town, I think I need to just take it easy today. And eat some more chocolate.



2 thoughts on “Wallowing in Self Pity…

    • har blitt litt bedre, så nå er det bare å sette i gang med et ordentlig skippertak til eksamen!
      den er utrolig god. litt sånn freia kvikklunch sjokolade med havsalt bare for voksne. Bruker å kjøpe inn MASSE lindt sjokolade når jeg er i spania;-)

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