Time Has Gone By

…and then it was November.. the end of it actually. It`s been nearly 4 months since I wrote anything in here, I just completely forgot about it, I suppose. After visiting my family in August, I got an apartment (Yey!), we moved in, I started school again, this year with an extra class so that I will be able to finish my BA by summer, so there hasn`t been much time for anything really.

Right now, I`ve collapsed on the couch, streaming a new tv-show called Beauty and the Beast, yupp, the one with Lana from that superman show, and just generally trying to calm my nerves. you see, I have an important exam tomorrow, and I`ve been reading so much that I feel like my head is so full of theories and hypothesis etc, that I simply can`t read any more.

So now I`m just getting paranoid, because I`m starting to doubt my ability to assess my own reading.  I`ve had this calm feeling concerning this exam, and by all means, I`ve been studying a lot. but as it is now the night before the big day, my nerves are getting a bit frenzy. my pulse is getting high, and oh, I`ve also been sick the last couple of days with the flu, so my fever is still present.

I think I should stop by blabbering now, and just snuggle down under the blanket, enjoy a cup of tea and continue watching TV.

So long!

– Blonde on Budget


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