When it comes to reading books, I prefer reading in English, rather than Norwegian. I`ve been reading English books since I was about 11 years old, but I think a more conscious choice began when I had read the first four Harry Potter books in Norwegian. I was of course a big fan from day one, but when I realized that I had to wait nearly a year or so for book nr 5 to be published in Norwegian, the solution was easypeasy. I chose the English version that had just been published.

From that day on, I learned that since all of my favourite authors were English/American, I could get a hold of their books easier if I read them in English, rather than waiting for the Norwegian version. It later turned out to be more economical as well, since in Norwegian bookstores, the English versions are often cheaper than the norwegian ones. However, a couple of years ago I also discovered the magic world of ordering books online from England.

As I`m currently studying English literature and linguistics, I can usually order about 90 per cent of the books on the syllabus online, which saves me a lot of money! I`m talking 40 – 50 % of what I would have had to pay in the bookstore on campus.

I know that a lot of people are afraid of ordering online from other countries, but if you keep to the well-known sites, like amazon.co.uk, which is the one I frequently use, everything should run smoothly. It usually takes longer for Norwegian bookstores to process my orders and for me to receive them, than from overseas. Besides, ordering books to Norway is both tax and duty-free!!

So for now, I’ll be keeping my amazon-attachment close at heart because I love saving money on books!

– Blonde on Budget


2 thoughts on “OrderingBooksOnline

  1. Hey Norwegian girl!
    I just discovered your blog a few moments ago! Just like you, I studied English and linguistics in college while in France… (sidenote: Are you wanting to teach English?) I ordered my books online as well because the few English speaking bookstores in my French town were outrageously expensive. 🙂 Anyway, just thought I’d say hi and concur to what you just wrote!

    • Hi there! So nice to see a new reader! so welcome!:-) Happy to see you here:-)
      how fun! I haven`t come across with that many with a English & Linguistic background yet! yes, I do want to teach English, but please don`t judge my English on errors in writing here and there, I`m not writing any academic papers in here. It`s just my free place where I can practice my everyday English:-) I can understand the expensive books. I`ve seen that in Spain as well.

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