When it comes to coffee I`ve got a real weak spot for it. Particularly cozy coffeeshops selling delicious french pastries. I can literally feel an ache in my soul for a freshly baked croissant and a latte just now. Probably because I haven`t had a real latte for several weeks. I guess its the withdrawal symptoms. Nevertheless, I have to keep in mind that in just a couple of weeks I`ll be back in the big city.. Oh how it feels like forever!

However, my point with this latte-mindwandering text is to look at the economic downside of lattes. Oh yes, they really do exist. The average cost of a latte in O-town is probably about 35 kr. Now then, 35 kr doesn`t sound much, but let`s say you buy one about 5 times a week. In one year, that amounts to 9100 kr! I don`t know about you, but I would rather spend those x-thousands on something else than coffee and hot milk.

Therefore, my goal so far in 2012 have been to limit my latte-drinking to once a week, preferably on saturdays, which moneywise would amount to 1820 kr. This way, visiting coffeeshops turns into something more special, and I`ll save a load of money on it!

And honestly, it´s not exactly superhealthy drinking latte`s all week long either when you got a sweettooth like me, and just have to add some delicious demerera sugar into the mix…

– Blonde on Budget

One thought on “LatteLoveSadlyExpensive

  1. I’m in Seattle, Washington — home of Starbucks. Coffee runs through our veins here. But you’re right, it’s an expensive habit. I save my Starbucks visits for when I have a gift card (frequently exchanged here for birthdays, thank yous and holidays). I make lattes at home mostly. I do love the pastries, though. A good and crispy croissant being one of them. I buy croissant dough from a shop in town and bake them up for myself for special treats, for about 1/2 the cost of a coffeehouse croissant.

    There is something to the coffeehouse experience. My local Starbucks is such a cozy spot. And I frequently run into people I know there. My best solution has been to invite friends over for coffee and pastries at our home.

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