“I love books. I like that the moment you open one and sink into it you can escape from the world, into a story that`s way more interesting than yours will ever be”

Elizabeth Scott

As long as I can remember I`ve had a love for the written word. My mother always read to me when I was a little child, and as I grew older and started reading by myself, I discovered a whole new world. Countless of books have been read ever since I deciphered the code of reading.

At home, reading all the time was considered normal, so when I visited my friends` families where books were no where near as important as in our home, that`s when I realized how lucky I was.

I guess I always found the support and escape I needed when I dived into a new story, as I never really was a supersocial kid. I had my friends of course, but I was with them all day at school, so when I came home I really enjoyed that quiet me-time reading books could give me.

As an adult I`ve kept my fondness for a good book, though I rarely have as much time as I would like. still, I reckon myself to be a real booknerd, as it takes a lot of will power not to stop and enter any bookstore I may encounter, and I suppose the fact that I study English literature at University, might also be a part of it.

– Blonde on Budget

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