A couple of years ago my parents decided to move back to Norway for a while and decided to drive from south of Spain to north of Norway, which is a pretty long way to drive, so they decided to make it into a fun roadtrip, and this is where I come into the picture. the moment I heard they wanted to drive through France I was all like,”hey, I have some time off school, want to spend some quality time with your precious daughter??” as I`ve always had this dream of experiencing France by car. I guess you`ve already figured out the result of my subtle begging; of course they wanted me to join them!

I hopped on a plane to Barcelona and joined them there. as I arrived late at night and we had a tight schedule to stick to, unfortunately I didn`t get a chance to experience Barcelona as the next morning we were on the road. Because I had this crazy idea of visiting as many countries as possible I persuaded my parents to drive over the Pyrenees in order to make a lunch stop in Andorra. oh yes, I had this fancy idea of  posting the following words on facebook: “breakfast in Barcelona, lunch in Andorra and dinner in Toulouse”. sounds nice, right?

The result however, was exhausting. driving over a mountainchain in one day wasn`t really that fun. and andorra? well, that was a fiasco. we arrived there on a sunday and late in the afternoon, so everything was closed except some coffeeshops, where they didn`t even get my order right. I mean, how difficult can it really be to make a cafe con leche y leche? and frankly, a small, overcrowded city between some really high mountains wasn`t all  that impressive. and to make matters worse, the GPS started acting real funny and told us to drive in the opposite direction than all the road signs.

But we did end up in the right direction in the end though, a road that seriously must have been the most frightful road ever. we were driving higher and higher and higher(!!!) and the fog was getting heavier and heavier, and to top it all off, cars were driving in 80-90 km/h in this horrible place, which felt terribly fast when it was impossible to see anything… however, we did survive this excruciating journey to France, and boy was I happy when we were closing in on Toulouse, and my first goal in france, a medieval town called Carcassonne. but more on that later!

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